Welcome to Cheney Chess Tournaments

We are happy to announce that we have been awarded
‘Congress of the Year’ by the English Chess Federation

These are a series of tournaments which have all been run at Cheney School in Oxford.

Location: Brighouse (+adjacent Russell) Building, Cheney School, Cheney Lane, Oxford OX3 7QH – Directions

Oxon Qualifier for London Junior Championships

Entry form for LJCC Qualifier 7th November


The events are divided into 8 player all-play-all sections, arranged by strength running from England juniors and national champions at the top to beginners in the bottom section.


In each section there are 3 trophies available for 1st / 2nd/ 3rd. There are also small chocolate prizes for all players in the bottom section and also all Under 8 players.


All sections are submitted for ECF Rating and, starting with Event 6 in June 2021, the top one or two sections have also been submitted for FIDE rating.